Round Tree Swings

The Blue Island swing is a large, colorful choice for swinging in the backyard. The bottom is outlined in colorful color-blocked fabric that offers both durability and multi-user use, up to 400 lbs. Parents report children enjoying hours of use.







Another great option is the Super Duper Spinner. Made in the USA, this durable swing will support up to 650 lbs, great for kids and even adults. A 10 ft. Tree swing hanging kit is included.








The Web Riderz swing is also a popular choice for many parents. Safety rated up to 600 lbs, this will accommodate multiple kids. Comes fully assembled with uv-resistant polyethylene rope.


While this swing maintains a great rating among parents, one of the reviews recommended securing the pull-through loop with a climbing figure-eight knot as well as using Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiners to hang for additional security.

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